Thursday, February 9, 2012


We all go through days when we feel like giving up is the answer.  I have found myself in this exact situation the past couple of days.  Work has been stressful, my diet has been off, and I have doubted myself in the gym.  With all the encouragement I receive from my wonderful friends, something has just been off.  We have all been there at one point or another.  So, how do we get ourselves out of these "ruts" we find ourselves in? The answer lies within ourselves.  And, this can often be the hardest thing to find and implement.  This ideal I am talking about is BELIEF.  I think Christian Larson stated it best with the quote below:

This ideal is one of the corner stones of (R)evolve Apparel.  When nothing seems to go our way it is extremely difficult to believe in ourselves; our abilities, our talents, our heart, our determination, everything.  Because it is easier to just throw in the towel.   But the truth is, that every one of us has the ability to stand up to any obstacle we face and overcome it, if we can tell ourselves to just BELIEVE.  Whether it is at work, in the gym, or in life the power of belief can help us break down any obstacle we face.  Often times, the internal victory comes in the fact that we trusted in ourselves enough to give something a try.  That we had the courage to challenge ourselves to do something we never thought possible and did it anyway regardless of the outcome.  There is no obstacle in this world that can defeat you if you believe in yourself and convince yourself that anything is possible if you give yourself the credit you deserve.  The victories come when we stand up to these obstacles.  This applies to all facets of life.  The power of positive self talk will truly allow you to face all obstacles.  I am going to ask all of you to remove the "I can't," "It's too hard", "It's too heavy", the "I don't like doing that", "I'll never be able to do that" or any other negative talk we all say to ourselves. Rather, I want everyone to look for an obstacle and when you come to it, believe in yourself and your inner strength, and tell yourself "I can", "I will", or any other POSITIVE talk you can think of.  Lao Tzu has a quote, that I placed on one of my shirts, "The Obstacle is the Path." Life isn't easy, it's not supposed to be, if it were it would be a pretty boring place.  So, starting today, I ask that you commit to allowing yourself to be great. To trusting in yourself and your abilities.  To BELIEVE in yourself and the inner "something" that makes us greater than any obstacle.



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Turn on Your Light.....

Today I came across a quote by Earl Nightingale.  This quote made me reflect on the reason's behind (R)evolve.

In so many aspects of life we often walk in the dark, alone and afraid.  This is completely natural.  I know, for me, sometimes the hardest thing to do it "Turn on my own light."  I have often found that isolating myself from challenges or difficult times I may face throughout life.  Why do I do this? Because it is the easy way out.  It is somewhat safer to not push ourselves to our outer most physical and mental limits.  It is often easier to keep our emotions and feeling inside when faced with tragedy.  I have been there and done that, all too many times. And every time I go down that path, I always end up telling myself "I should have tried harder", "I should have given that extra effort" or I end up regretting how I handled certain situation (such as death or illness).  Why do I find the "dark" an easier place to be.  For me, it is because of fear.  Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of losing those you love.  When we turn on that "Light" all of our fears are exposed.  But, what I have found most recently, is that when that Light is turned on there is a world of opportunity awaiting us.  There are people in your life that are there to support you no matter how hard you fall or how deep you sink.  That light allows us to open ourselves to a world of new and exciting adventures.  It allows us to find that inner drive to do things we never thought possible. It allows us to come to life and live for the moments we are given.  

For me, (R)evolve is that expression of my evolution through those trying times.  It is my way of turning that "Light" on and proving to myself that I can handle anything that is in front of me no matter how hard.  Once we learn to turn on our own Lights the possibilities are endless as to what we can accomplish in our lives.



Sunday, February 5, 2012

What is (R)evolve Apparel?

(R)evolve is an ideal that everyone can apply to their lives.  It is an expression of the growth and inner strength we develop as we encounter life's challenges.  (R)evolve is a concept that shows the world that, although you  may have been knocked down or faced adversity, you've gotten back up and are stronger because of it.  

As individuals, we evolve through life: it's is a process that begins at birth and stays with us our entire lives. And with every obstacle we face we Re- Evolve ourselves. We learn from mistakes; we go through those periods where nothing seems to go our way, we challenge ourselves to our physical and mental limits, we deal with heartbreak, we push ourselves to the limit, and so much more.

(R)evolve allows us to show the world that yes, times can be hard. But nothing can limit our capabilities, our hopes, and our dreams. With (R)evolve you are telling everyone, including yourself, that you have the strength to face any of life's challenges, lay it all on the line, and stand tall in the end.

I want to start this blog as a way of sharing the meaning of (R)evolve. My goal is to inspire, motivate and encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone, try something new, and have the courage to stand back up when we are knocked down. Why not wear something that expresses this meaning.